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Head Hunter

We provide consultative advice to our clients to minimize the risk of every recruitment process. We always both listen to your requirements and advise you as to how best to find, attract and assess the right candidates.

We believe the key to successful headhunter is getting the details right – whether that is when identifying, attracting, assessing or closing candidates – we look after all of these elements in the search process.

By creating the right process and executing effectively against it, we can massively enhance your chances of finding and attracting the best people. Our database and network enables us to form the right strategy for each client, to identify the most relevant businesses in the sector and to drive an effective and targeted search process. This approach enables us to quickly focus on and contact the most appropriate candidates to meet our clients’ specific requirements.

Recruitment Process Outsource

We understand the high demand for massive workers, while the business continues to grow with a very high level of competition, so that the fulfillment of manpower needs must be carried out as quickly and accurately as possible.
RPO service is a dedicated internal recruitment system according to company specifications that emphasizes speed of recruitment and accuracy of qualifications. So that the HRD dept can focus on managing other HR functions

Training and Development

In running special demand of Training Service in our client, we are assuring the objective and target of the training before we set up the program. After the training, we are preparing the special time for coaching and mentoring based on the training delivered


We assist our client to be the third party to deliver qualified candidates and detail administration management to minimize production cost and to assist our client focusing attention on the main points of the company.

Event Organizer

Organizing an event is not simple, while you have to focus to your core of business in the same time. We can assist you in preparing and running your event base on your need, your target and off course your budget.

Upcoming Service

Virtual Interview Fair

We assist clients in doing half of the recruitment process which is done DIGITAL AND VIRTUALLY without having to meet face to face with candidates. This process starts from resources, document selection, personality test, English language test and direct interviews with our professional consultants.

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    PT Rectra Talent Indonesia

    AIA Cental Level 31, Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Kav. 84, Karet Semanggi, Jakarta Selatan, 12930

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